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But first, a definition about seo

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the set of techniques that allow you to optimize the visibility of your web project on search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, …). It acts on natural and unsponsored traffic, as opposed to SEA (Search Engine Advertising), which is paid.

What are the benefits and disadvantages ?


Free and stable traffic

The advantage here is for you to reach the people who are looking for exactly what your company offers. The keyword targeting capability of SEO is one of the main reasons why it provides the most qualified traffic for your website.

SEO is the best public relations strategy

In order to rank high in search engines, you must have quality backlinks. Backlinks are links from external sites that point to your website. The more backlinks you have, the more relevant your site is. The more relevant your website is, the higher your ranking. 

A passive result

When you install SEO on your site, you should know that it takes time to get results. Apart from updates and regular monitoring of the page’s positioning, SEO does not require recurring financial investments.

A well-positioned page is likely to remain well positioned for a long time if a few criteria are respected:

  • Updating the content
  • Regular monitoring of keywords
  • Checking the optimization rate in an SEO control tool


Patience is a virtue 

You need to know that SEO is a long-term process, the results don’t arrive directly after you have put the right keywords in place… You need to know that the first results can only appear after a few months.

No guarantee of ranking in searches

It should also be noted that you should keep an eye on your keywords, it’s not because you’ve done SEO that you will necessarily be ranked first on search engines. It is necessary to optimize your keywords regularly in order to be better ranked on these engines.

Depending on the search engines and their rules

Depending on the engine, your ranking may be different because they don’t all have the same algorithms to rank you. Search according to your choice of search engine to find out how to be well referenced on it.

Do you know the basics of good SEO ?


Ask yourself, “Are people talking about my site?”

The main signals

  • Virality on social networks
  • Incoming links/backlinks (quality and volume)

Use backlinks

  • Make sure other sites have links to yours.
  • Use social networks related to your sector.

Anchors links

A link anchor means a word that appears when you click on a link. For example: “Click here” or “Read this”, etc. 

You can find different link anchors: 

  • URL : 

  • Brand : Hungry Nuggets

  • Keywords : communication agency, web design, graphic design, photographers, videographers. 

  • Long tail : Free or paid referencing?

  • Credits : see more, discover our projects.


Quality of content : 

  • Length : 4 words are not enough to be well referenced… We advise a minimum of 1500 words but to be comfortable, it is preferable to develop a minimum of 2000 words on your site.

  • Media used : play with title, text, image, space, graphics throughout your site to attract the visitor’s eye.

  • Attention to the bounce rate : percentage of Internet users who entered a Web page and left the site afterwards, without consulting other pages.

  • Presence of keywords : 
    Your keywords must be found in your content but also in other variants such as in titles, URLs, images or paragraphs. 

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Do you know where to put your backlinks ?​

The purpose of having links to you from other sites.

  • Internal links : make links between certain pages we have on our site with other pages.

  • Directories : a bit old-fashioned at the moment, but still a good way to be recommended in categories.

  • Blog comments : By going to the site: seo-footprints, it is possible to leave comments on blog posts based on a keyword.

  • Guest article : principle of going to see an acquaintance and placing a link on his blog article in order to be redirected to his own site.

  • Sponsored article : Asking a blogger or on a platform to be paid in order to write an article about us by creating links to his website.

Do you want to know our 5 tips to achieve a good SEO ?​

Here are our 5 tips for a successful search engine optimization:

  • Have a long-term vision
  • Give priority to quality in terms of content, incoming links and number of pages.
  • Content is most important in SEO
  • Don’t just do SEO

To conclude, with time and quality content, you can really compete with the biggest companies and stand out even if you don’t have a big budget. Take your best pen and make your visitors happy by offering them quality content!
Don’t be a horse’s ass! Google does what it wants with your site on its platform, it’s its business!

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