We are happy to announce you we have been accepted as a new member of Réseau Entreprendre.


Choose your training !

We decided to apply and take part of this entrepreneurial network for two reasons :

  • Have our business strategy validated by other professionals
  • Share experience with other entrepreneurs

The Hungry Nuggets strategy

After having worked for a multitude of internationally renowned companies, among others, we have decided to focus on start-ups, VSEs and SMEs for which there is a real lack of solutions so that they get the communication they deserve.

We have indeed identified three crucial needs that this target group needs :

  • They need great communication
  • They need uncompromising quality
  • They need a price that don’t break the bank

How to low the price and keep the same quality we have with big companies that can afford high budgets for their communication ?

Our solution is the become a training academy for the best future creatives with real talents.
We give them the opportunity to test their skills on real projects.

Share experience with other entrepreneurs

We’ve been working on this strategy for a while and it was time to ask somebody around with experience to have a big picture on our business model and provide us feedbacks.

Before this, we had to be accepted into the network.
And it was a success ! They were seduce by our proposition and invited us to be part of the adventure.

They provided us a “mentor” who help us grow by following our evolution.

They organise many activities which allow us to meet other entrepreneurs.

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Hungry Nuggets
Hungry Nuggets


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