10 ways to grow up on TikTok

In the next few months you won’t escape TikTok. Here is everything you need to know about the video social network of the moment. TikTok (formerly before its takeover) is the latest sensation in the already crowded world of social networks.


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Propose a well-profiled

The first thing is to keep your profile up to date by optimizing your biography as much as possible; the profile picture, username or personal information you provide will leave a strong impression on visitors to your account. If you have a long name, the user won’t be able to keep you in mind, so try to choose a short, captivating name that is similar to all your other accounts on other social networks. Let your profile visitors know what type(s) of videos you are going to post.
Your profile is the first step in establishing some form of communication between your personal or brand account and your future followers.

Connect with other social networks

If you don’t regularly post new videos to your account, how will users discover you?

Although it is not mandatory to post every day, it will be particularly interesting to think about creating and maintaining a content calendar. Start by posting once a week, then once you have mastered the codes of video production, increase the frequency.
Managing multiple social platforms with the same username can also be an effective way to build your online reputation, as you can publish videos, let people know they can subscribe to your channel or add you to Instagram. On the other hand, users can remember your username in TikTok and search for another and follow you. In addition, you can diversify your content by using different accounts.

Offer original and entertaining content

If you post the same type of content as all other users, you are unlikely to stand out from the crowd. You need to find your own strategy to differentiate yourself from other content producers, whether it’s the way you stage the video, sing or any other visual element.
Every social network has its own context in which users connect: on TikTok, you have to entertain users through video.

Participates in viral challenges

Keeping up with the latest trends in social networking is very important because it allows you to see what types of content are popular right now.
Challenges often involve singing and/or dancing to popular music, which is perfectly related to the uses for which the platform has become known, namely lip-syncing.

The value of hashtags is another aspect relevant to viral challenges. Videos shared in your profile that contain trendy hashtags will make them visible to millions of people, which will greatly increase the number of your TikTok followers for just a few days. Don’t forget that taking up these challenges can help you explore a different niche or expand your musical genre to areas you’re not used to. It can help you create a brand that expands your fan base.

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Collaborate with other TikTokers

In the same way as on YouTube, where content producers will help each other to make videos that will be broadcast on their respective channels, it is perfectly possible to ask users with more or less the same community size as you to exchange visibility.

Exploiting the potential of hashtags

In the same way as on Twitter and Instagram, TikTok allows users to add hashtags to reference their videos in thematic publication feeds.
However, unlike Instagram, the number of hashtags you can add is extremely limited because your caption with the hashtags must be a maximum of 140 characters.

It is therefore essential to choose them carefully.

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Learn from the methods of the most popular users

Before you start creating your own videos, you’ll need to spend some time in the “For You” section of the TikTok application.

It will inform you of the practices that work to generate visibility, because the videos proposed in this section usually receive several tens / hundreds of thousands of interactions.

Please identify yourself:

– popular music
– the effects / filters used
– the length of the videos
– sequencing

Use external apps to enhance the content of your videos

You don’t need to go through professional video editing software like Finalcut or Adobe Premiere to produce beautiful content to broadcast on TikTok.

Here are some interesting additional apps for that:

– Beecut
– Videoshop
– Magisto
– Videoshow
– Vivavideo
– Quik

Publish at the right time

Just like on other social networks, the time of publication of your videos is an essential factor impacting the visibility of your content.
At the moment, there are no analytics available to inform us of the connection times of our subscribers, but studies have been published on the subject, and reveal that it would be more interesting to post between 11am and 5pm.

Be authentic

This may be the most important thing you can do to establish yourself in TikTok. People love ingenuity, humility and originality. Some people go viral because of the spontaneity behind them or because it shows how you really are in your daily life

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People like to watch content where you play with your friends, where you inform about certain events that happen in your life or simply where you spill out some of the emotions you are feeling at that moment. This appeals to our human side and leads to empathy. It is therefore essential to be yourself and not try to portray someone you are not.

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