10 techniques TO succeed on social media

Being present on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok has become indispensable, whatever your activity. It allows you to consolidate your brand image and share your story. Increase your visibility, create a buzz, generate commitment within your community, … 

These are the communication objectives that must be part of a strategy to achieve them more easily.

Here are 10 techniques to succeed on social networks :

Know your target

Being able to define the target profile is the first step. You will need to create a persona: a fictitious person who looks real and is inspired by your ideal target. He or she has a job, a family life, habits, desires,…
If your target is large, you can create several of them and adapt your media strategy to the beliefs and expectations of these personas. It will be easier, knowing your target, to address them with the right tone, to talk about subjects that interest them. You will therefore reach them directly, increase your commitment, and have a better chance of reaching your initial objective, which is to sell.

There are a multitude of tools that exist to see your performance and the reactivity rate of your persona according to your publications. We will talk about this in another article to come.

Define which social networks to focus on

En connaissant ta cible, tu sauras quels réseaux sociaux celle-ci fréquente. Tu dois connaitre les profils d’audience des supports. Ainsi, tu seras pertinent en y étant présent. Tu axeras ta communication en priorité sur ceux-ci.


Des exemples : Pinterest est composé à 73% de femmes et comblera les personnes attachées au visuel, aux belles choses. Ta cible est jeune ? Près de 50% des utilisateurs de Snapchat ont entre 18 et 25 ans. Mais également la nouvelle tendance, TikTok qui comptabilise plus de 625 millions d’utilisateurs actifs par mois.

Quelles sont les caractéristiques de chaque réseau social ? Il y a une multitude d’informations sur internet, on en fera un récapitulatif très prochainement sur notre blog. Pour ne pas le rater, inscris-toi à la newsletter !

Be yourself

The sharing of content made on your account must be consistent. It must reflect your brand values but also directly yours. This is so that your community can recognize and appropriate them. Develop a charter that will remind you how you want to communicate with your community in order to remain consistent in the content you share with them and stay in tune with yourself.
It’s always better to share publications when the values behind them match, isn’t it?

Call-to-action (CTA)

It may sound simplistic but getting your audience to love, comment and share your publications with a short sentence is paramount. Many people put this call-to-action at the end of their text. Try to put it at the very beginning. For example, start your publication with “What about you, what would you do in this case?”, followed by the rest of the more explanatory content.
Reading time on social networks is very limited, so get your attention as quickly as possible.

A good way to see if your “call-to-action” is effective, is the creation of A/B Testing. That is, trying different places or ways of placing your call-to-action to see where and how it works best for your community.

Interact with the community

It is important to communicate with your community to show them that they are important, to involve them as much as possible in what you share. It shows that you care about those who follow you. 

Respond to a subscriber by addressing them by their first name (preceded by the famous @). It may seem trivial, but it brings a little bit of friendliness and sympathy that can make all the difference. 

Generating engagement in messages

Publications should be designed to generate excitement. It’s not about publishing, just about being active! Think about the emotions you feel. Be interesting. And, for each comment obtained, give an answer, if possible openly.

You have to engage in conversation, interact as much as possible. Example: if someone publishes a comment saying “Interesting publication”. Answer with : “Thank you very much (and his first name tagged as seen just before) ! Which part helped you the most?” or “Are you going to take action?” or “Have you ever tried something similar?”.

Like and thank those who share

It’s really a reflex to put in place. Don’t let the actions that spread your communication go by without thanking them and putting a little “like”

Choosing the right hashtags

The use of hashtags has become commonplace and can be found on all social networks. Don’t abuse them, there is always a recommended limit so that they still have an impact.
Are you often quickly lost in the mass? Avoid using over-used #’s, you risk not being visible. Look for hashtags that attract interest but not too much.

Be responsive, interactive and friendly

Show you’re listening to your followers. Be nice and courteous. Don’t fall into troll traps. If it is in line with your company’s charter, use emoticons to underline the link with your community.

Creating an active community

Members will meet among themselves, among people with a common interest: your brand or your company. An interest that they will enjoy sharing with others. This will allow you to increase your audience and your e-reputation. Push for interaction!

Involve your community in publications. Tag the name of a fan in the response to another. For example: “Like @Alain and @Lucie, you seem to prefer blue models… Who prefers red?”

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It is now up to you to take the above points and implement them in the way you communicate with your community. Don’t hesitate to make a checklist of these tips and make sure that your upcoming publication includes as many of these elements as possible.

We can also help you to establish a marketing strategy in line with your image that will be strong and effective. So, you will be exactly what, when and how to publish in order to get maximum results and make the most of the work done!

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