Facebook and its founder Mark Zukerberg may be known all over the world, but there are still some well-hidden pieces of mystery.


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Is Marc Zuckerberd color-blind ?

Facebook is blue because Mark Zuckerberg is color-blind and maybe blue has more nuance to the eye of a color-blind person?

How many accounts are registered on Facebook ?

As of 2018, we can count up to 2.27 billion registered accounts on Facebook, which is almost a third of the world’s population.

Does Facebook have multiple brands ?

If you didn’t know, Facebook currently has Instagram and WhatsApp in addition in the company.

Has Marc Zuckerberg created any other system ?

Mark’s dad was a dentist, he owned his own dental practice and from there, Mark developed a system to collect data from his dad’s patients to make it easier to make appointments or reminders.
The system is called: Zucknet. It is the ancestor of Messenger.

Zucknet all over his house when he still lived with his parents ?

Later, he installs Zucknet everywhere in his house to allow his family to communicate more easily throughout the house… Because we all know that going downstairs to ask mom for something becomes tiring…

When did he start computer training ?

When he was still little, after school, he used to take the bus for computer training.
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Marc Zuckerg had a difficult childhood ?

While he was still at school, little Zuckerberg found himself in the wrong hands and sometimes he got a little whipped cream in his face. In the end, a bit like in the American movies where the less popular ones are badly led by the bigger ones…

Marc Zuckerg had a difficult childhood ?

As a student at Philips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire he created a software program that allowed people to listen to music. But how does it work? All you had to do was go and listen to music on the software, which then analyses the visitor’s tastes and then spontaneously suggests similar songs automatically. Microsoft wants to buy the software for $1 million and offers him a position in the company. Zuckerberg still refuses…

Did Mark Zuckerberg hack ?

In 2003, he created Facesmash by first comparing humans VS animals but realizes that it’s not very nice so he decides to compare humans VS humans to choose who is the sexiest of the two.

He managed to hack the Harvard database in a few hours when they are supposed to be impossible to hack.

When did the first version of Facebook come out ?

Moving on to 2004, we discover the first version of Facebook and at the same time, the conflict with the twins who had created ConnectU. But in the face of the conflict, it is important to know that these brothers managed to raise between 20 and 65 million dollars that they directly invested in the Beacons.

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Did Marc Zuckerberg own a club when he was 21 ?

Mark Zuckerberg becomes the youngest club owner at only 21 years old. Only in his club, if he felt that you weren’t working enough or not well enough, you could end up with a (fictitious) sword at your throat with a little bit of pressure. You have to stand up to him to earn his respect.

The originality of Marc Zuckerberg's business cards.

When he met people, he would give them his business card that read “I’m CEO, bitch.” which is not very common, we agree.

When did Facebook came out?

Arrived in 2006, Facebook is two years old, Yahoo wants to buy it for 1 billion dollars.

But as usual, Mark refuses the offer because he doesn’t know “what to do with this amount of money” but also because he owns the company he has always dreamed of and he wants to continue to conquer the world! That alone…

Marc Zuckerberg extravagant or high roller ?

Being the 5th largest fortune in the world, he’s not going to spend it like any new billionaire. No! He’d rather go out for a drink with his friends or go out with his wife.

We can also notice that his style of dress will not deny this point.

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Did Marc Zuckerberg like his movie?

You should know that Mark was the last person (or rather the first?) who didn’t like the movie made about him: The Social Network.

He says that the scriptwriters embellished the scenes too much but also that the film was more based on the book “The Revenge of a Loner” by Ben Mezrich which traces the life of the partner at the time of Mark, Eduardo Saverin.

Marc Zuckerberg future president ?

Last but not least, we would have heard on the web stratosphere that Mark would launch a presidential campaign…

Only, he denies everything for the moment, despite leaving a few suspicious messages. To be continued…

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