Let us introduce you 10 tips to take better pictures and become a better photographer.

Do it by passion

Only go shooting if you feel like it. After all, it must remain a passion and a pleasure.

Go out

The best way to find inspiration is to go out and walk. Observe the elements around you. It will allow you to immerse yourself in your creativity to the fullest.

Stop for a few moments and observe

If inspiration doesn’t come, sit somewhere and take time. Inspiration will come !

Before placing your gear

Take the time before placing your camera to ask yourself what you want in your picture.

Using the right settings for a successful shoot

Once you’ve chosen your subject, change your camera settings and choose the right focal length for what you want to do.

Pay attention to the luminosity

Light is very important for your photos, be careful not to be too overexposed or too underexposed because sometimes you won’t be able to recover everything in post-production.


Assume your angle

Depending on the subject, you will have to assume the angle you choose. If you want to do a dive or a counter dive, etc.


Watch your frame

Before taking your picture, spend time to look at your frame. Check to see if every detail you want is in your frame and that there are no important cut out elements.


Don't be afraid to take a lot of pictures

When you shoot, take as many pictures as you can. The more you shoot, the more you can find the successful picture. The selection will take longer, but at least you got the choice.


Change your angle

Once you’ve shooted your subject, move around to change your point of view. You may find a better angle you didn’t tought about before.


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